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Pick Tool by Elev8 Glass (7th Floor)

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Super useful!  Works with many units.  Everyone's favorite tool!

Not for dabbing, use as dry herb stir tool only.  

Random color selected.  

Customer Reviews

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Ultimate Vaporists Tool?

A fantastic tool for any herb vaporists, the Elev8 pick is cheap, effective and looks good too. You can use the ball end to shape screens and to tamp and crush bowls. Use the pointy end to stir bowls, position/remove screens, scrape screens clean (the pick is the perfect diameter for poking through the holes in the glass screen Elev8r bowl too), and even clean grinder threads.

The glass ball has a tendency to crack around where it meets the pick after enough years of hard use, but my first one lasted almost half a decade of daily use and you could probably repair it with a small dab of epoxy. It's such a cheap tool that I just buy a spare whenever I'm trying to pad out my cart to reach the free shipping threshold. My vape station probably wouldn't feel complete without at least one of these around.

The tool you need more than you think

I never realized just how useful this tool, essentially a well made hatpin, was until I needed to remove the well entrenched screen in a Sticky Brick. You know how they can get "Dammit Janet" stuck in there. Elev8 Pick Tool to the rescue. What you have here is nicely pointy (think screen cleaning pointy) long needle with a swirly glass bubble on the end. It's long enough to clesn out a DBV handle (it's original use) and short enough to choke up on for fine work. Stir a bowl, perfect. Clear a stem, superb. For the cost I bought 2.

Must have tool for any vape fiend

Use this tool every day, it's essential part of my vape life.

A MUST Have Tool

Use. this pick tool every single day, good quality and as always great service from Scott and The VGoodiez Team, Thanks for the Great products and Service!