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Pass-Through Adapter by VGoodiEZ

Regular price $20.00

Pass-through glass adapter with a 10mm Female split.  Available in 14mm male to 14mm female, 19mm female to 19mm male or 19mm female to 14mm male.  Most commonly used as a carb to clear your glass piece without having to remove the setup from the bowl, it can also be used in other applications including a splitter adapter or simply to introduce added fresh air.  

*14mm female glass stand sold separately but available here

*Like with anything made of glass, please expect some variation in fit and finish.  This is after-all mass produced glass!  

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Pass Through

I purchased this pass through from Vgoodiez to use with my torch driven Elev8r. The pass through keeps me from having to handle hot glass to clear the hit. Vgoodiez thank you for the recommendation. Vgoodiez should be your go-to solution for all things vape related. I always check with Vgoodiez first before going anywhere else. Vgoodiez has the best customer service and fast shipping times.

Jason Newberry
Excellent Quality!

This pass through adapter makes vaping so much easier. With out it, You have to lift the vaporizer every time you want to clear your water piece. Super fast shipping too as always and a great selection of vape gear. Yes the glass is high-end, I dropped the carb off the table and it actually bounced off the hard tile floor without shattering into a million pieces.

Ron G.
Oh, yes.

I love the pass-through capability on the Sneaky Pete Mega Globe, but it's not my favorite piece otherwise. With this adapter, I get that same functionality with my Goo-Roo Hookah. It's perfect for injector vapes--now I don't have to lift my B-zero off the bowl to clear the chamber, and it clears more effectively. VGoodiez is up front about the quality of the piece--it's not high-end glass, but it does the job.

Good quality

Adds some nice height too. Recommended