Mighty+ Executive Bundle

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Phenomenal Service

I ordered the Mighty+ Executive Bundle. The Mighty+ itself was shipped promptly but without the rest of the package. I emailed VGoodiez and within 2 hours they responded, admitting to the mistake, and expedited the remaining pieces. Great service all around and absolutely love the bundle. I would recommend anyone that’s on the fence to go ahead and do it.

Truly Executive

A must buy. With perfect extraction every time with the Mighty+, to a joyous selection of mouthpieces, and convenient dosing capsules you cannot go wrong with this bundle. Any doubts you may have will melt away once you get this product in your hands. It truly is an executive bundle.

Hit "Add To Cart" already!

You are probably like me. You keep coming back to this page, looking at the mighty+ and looking at all the accessories. You keep thinking about hitting that "Add to Cart" button and hover over it, almost hitting the left mouse button, thinking about your life choices, and deciding to think about it more.

I am here to tell you to stop thinking about it and just get this bundle before it sells out. The Mighty+ is amazing. The best portable I've ever experienced. The flavor it's produces is top notch and you can get some nice clouds if you vape in higher temperatures.

So just get it. You know you want too!

A winner!

If you are on the fence about this... GET IT. On the go I have the mighty and in house my volcano. Vgoodiez was amazing with fast shipping! Got it right on time for the Holidays! Thanks again Vgoodiez team!