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Derek Cunningham

Wish I had bought this bundle sooner.
I haven't been this satisfied with spending my money ever.
I mean that and it's obvious this is a total steal for the price.
These products are amazing.
I rigged a screen inside of the pass through adapter but I absolutely wish I had bought the drop-down s adapter as well because I don't like getting anything inside of the cells and I think it would have worked better for that purpose.
I assumed it wouldn't hold the weight of the tiny might 2 and was more suited for a ball vape but after more research i think it would've been worth the money for sure.
You will not regret purchasing this.

Jeremy Knaak

I'm so glad I found this site. The square bongs are smooth. Nice quality. Fast and good service. Thanks Vgoodiez! I will be buying more from you soon!

Robert Watts
why do i have to love them both !

looking at orbs and found the cell the square seemed like much more stable was debatable on the mega cell vs orb v2 the 420 bundle just made it easy to get what i really wanted. they both are really soled not going to tip over easy with tall or heavy vapes on them ! I'm loving the mega havening the secant downstem being separated it allows more options for different stems.. the smaller cell turns out i love it to and not just me but by people that come over ..

Great value, great pieces

We've had an Orb v2 for quite a while and been very happy with it, but sometimes if the rig gets too tall it's feels a bit unstable. The Cell Mega is rock solid, especially when full of water. Even though on the tabletop it's roughly the same size as the orb to me it hits like it's a lot bigger, and with the larger 14mm secondary hole it damn near chugs!

The smaller cell is an absolute delight. I got it basically for free (4/20 deal) and I love it way more than I thought I would. It's just about the perfect size for a ball vape with a VGoodiez injector bowl and an extra long straight stem, it gives me a pleasant sense memory of drinking from a carton of milk through a straw as a kid. If both of these shattered tomorrow, I'd replace the little one first!