HD 3 Piece Bubbler by Goo Roo Glass


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Nicholas Ware
Heavy duty piece

I bought this just because of the mouth piece. Once it arrived I'm glad I bought it just because of the thick glass build. Being able to take out all the pieces makes this bong a breeze to clean. I'm running it currently with the Taroma XL and the Taroma 360 and it is my current favorite piece, I like it more than the club, about on par with the Jet water pipe except the glass makes for better taste.

Chris Speaks
Great Piece

Beautiful water piece. Works like a charm the holes give great diffusion a vape smoke Etc. Would definitely recommend very easy to take apart and clean.

a great piece

Wow this thing is a tank. I didn't realize until I received it that GooRoo thinks "HD" stands for "Home Defense." No kidding! And they're not wrong, if I couldn't reach a cast iron pan this is probably what I would grab. Anyway I'm using it with a Studenglass whip, and a glass bowl that fits my B1 22mm diffuser. I like glass for flavor but the glass bowl lets through a lot of plant material, so I added an ash catcher from Cloud Connoisseur, and IMO the result looks very cool. A wonderful piece, disassembles for very easy cleaning, and the slim form factor works great for my location.

Kurt Shanor
Pairs perfectly with my Vrod vaporizer

I think I found my perfect glass piece for my Vrod . Nice big cool draws and the ability to disassemble for easy cleaning.
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