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HD 3 Piece Bubbler by Goo Roo Glass

Regular price $160.00

This bubbler is made on 65mm heavy walled tubing and comes with a jumbo in-house diffused 9-hole double ground bushing down stem (18mm female), comes with a 18 male bowl piece. Mouthpiece fits on a 19 mm fitting. All parts are removable for easier cleaning.

Height of body 11-12" with mouth piece 17-18".  Made in the USA!!!

Customer Reviews

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Incredible and versatile piece

Love the HD 3-piece:

-nice strong thick glass
-perc is in removeable downstem so you can play around with airflow by covering holes or using different downstem
- really great mouthpiece shape. And if it isn't for you, change it out for one you prefer
-Sooo easy to clean. Not a factor to be overlooked. Being able to disassemble and reach everything for a good hand scrub if needed is super.

But do note that it is a tall one.

Great pick up by VGoodiez.