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Glass Wand By 7th Floor

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This is the replacement glass wand for the Elev8R Vaporizer. All the glass of the Elev8R is made with borosilicate glass in Colorado Springs by Elev8's own glass blowing team. 

Joint Size:18.8mm 

Customer Reviews

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Not "necessary," but indespensible

I got the bare-bones torch-driven Elev8r because I am poor and already had a j-hook. It's a fantastic combination, but I finally got tired of not being able to just set the j-hook down with the bowl still on it and never got around to making a stand. I eventually got this so I could. I doesn't cool quite as much as the j-hook, but it's so much simpler to heat, vape and set it down without worries that I don't use the j-hook for the Elev8r at all anymore.

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Steven S
Elev8r wand

I have the torch driven Elev8R that only works on a rig and broke it. I bought a replacement from VGoodiez and had such a great experience I decided to buy the stand-alone wand for it so I could use the Ekev8R without a rig, as it’s own stand alone vape and boy am I glad I did. I bought it from VGoodiez over ELEV8 Glass because of price and shipping. VGoodiez gets things to be in California from Georgia faster, A LOT FASTER, then ELEV8 does from Colorado. Not sure if this site is inside the post office or what but their order processing is mind blowingly fast.

Tom TB
Instant rotation

Awesome product doesn’t get enough love. And what else can you say about Vgoodiez service other than: awesome! 💚💚💚