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Glass Stand by VGoodiEZ

Regular price $15.00

Glass base with with different options to act as a stand for your glass accessories.  

The 19mm female stands make a suitable replacement for the Herborizer Ti/DigiTi Injector or DC-Elev8R injector.  WILL NOT work for the TiTi or B0.  Unfortunately it heats up and get stuck.  I had to break one to get it off.  Lol





Customer Reviews

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Base is wide enough were I couldn’t possible knock it over


I recently got the glass stand by VGoodiEZ and have found it to be very useful for a variety of
tasks and for display. Now I've ordered a couple more stands in different sizes etc. Stellar craftmanship,
as always. Fast shipping, great customer service.

Alex M
Exactly what I needed

These stands are very well made and are very sturdy. I have a 14f for my banger and an 18m for a hydratube. No issues with either whatsoever. Definitely recommend.

Stupid Stoner Brain
Because I was too high to include a stand with my Elev8r

An absolute must for the Elev8r. Not hyperbole; what are you going to do with a thousand degree e-nail, sit it on the table?

I want to give a special shout out because I have a stupid stoner brain and I completely dropped the ball on my DC Elev8r order: Borosil; No PID control; No stand.

Real amateur hour stuff, but guess who came through in a pinch and helped me to get all of the above? Obviously it's these guys, but really... who else is going to help you to completely rework your order because you were simply too stoned while placing your order?