Glass Waterpipe Adapter for Dynavap 10mm Stems by VGoodiEZ (VGZ 9)


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Great for Pairing with a J-Hook

Absolutely fantastic. I use this to attach my M+ to the Sherlock j-hook available from VGoodiEZ. Wonderful little tool.

Nico Lopez
Great site great product

High quality glass adapter. Snug where you need it to be but easy to take my dyna in and out with no scratches. Packaged and shipped wonderfully!

Game Changer

This is the only waterpipe adapter you'll ever need for your Dynavap.

The Dynavap fits perfectly -- not to tight, not too loose -- allowing you to lift the whole Dynavap to clear the pipe with ease.

The great thing is that it'll fit the mouth of any M, and you don't have to take it apart.

I literally fire up my Dynavap on my Ispire Wand, drop it into the adapter, and rip. That's it.

Plus, it fits perfectly on any of my LA Pipes.

This is better than the one sold by Dynavap, and it's also strong. I hit the head of the adapter on my granite counter and it didn't break. I also dropped it on my glass coffee table when I was loading it into a new pipe and nothing happened.

I'm very happy, highly recommended, and will be buying a 2nd for my other LA Pipes piece -- my Roors are all 18mm and it's a whole thing...

Don't be like me and wait! Your throat and lungs will thank you later.

Low profile and high performance.

Seals well will my shortex, camouflet, and M+ stems. Did not scratch any of the stems. Exactly what I wanted.