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Glass Water Pipe Adapter for Dynavap 10mm Stems by VGoodiEZ

Regular price $10.00

This 10mm female to 14mm male glass adapter serves as the perfect 14mm male water pipe adapter for Dynavap standard mouthpiece stems.  Go from dry to water quickly and cleanly without breaking down your Dynavap.  

Works with standard Dynavap mouthpiece tips but may also with with other brands with a 10mm taper fit.  

Glass on metal/wood pressure fit. 

*You are paying for the glass part only!  The Dynavap Stems, Tips and Caps are not included but sold separately here at VGoodiez. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Functional, Simple

Fairly priced, quickly shipped. 👍🏻

Big Al
Great glass adapter

This glass adapter worked great with my Bong and the Dynavape. Very happy with purchase. 👍👍.

Works great but not with wooden spinning mouth piece.

It works great. Very nice fit and I find that the glass doesn't scrape me Dynavap or vice-versa only thing I noticed is that I can't use my spinning mouth piece on my 20M with it but works great with out it.

Christopher Bruno
True Cooling V1 Glass Charlie stem, 10mm Glass adapter for Dynavap

I have used other 3rd. party glass stems that claimed they make the vapor cooler. None of them worked that well. They all claimed to make the vapor cooler. I thought the cooling of the vapor was a myth. The first time I tried the V1 stem by glass Charlie, I was amazed at how these little spiny spikes retain the heat in Charlie’s glass stem. I was also so impressed that with this stem somehow it vaporized my flower better than even a stock Dynavap stem. It seems to somehow abstract the vapor a lot better and retain heat better then my other stems. I also purchased 2 glass attachments, 10mm to 14mm attachments for my Dynavap stock stems to work in my MFLB orbitor. The 10mm glass attachments work so much better than the rubber fat mouth piece to connect to my orbitor. I prefer the 10mm glass attachments and they fit perfectly and they are easy to use with the stock Dynavap mouthpieces. I feel with these V1 stems on sale at this price point at Vgoodiez it’s a steal. People please don’t miss out. Please pick up one of these V1 stems. It’s a must for any Dynavap user. Trust me you'll be sorry you didn’t get one. I also liked the great service, fast delivery and the professionalism that you will find here when you purchase anything from Vgoodiez. Thank you so much. Hope to purchase something from you again. I hope you guys at Vgoodiez have a nice day and a good weekend. Peace CB NYC.