Dosing Capsules for Dynavap by VGoodiEZ (CAP1)


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Perfect portability for microdosing

These little capsules are perfect for packing up my medicinal microdoses for the day. Exactly what I was looking for and keep my Dynavaps cleaner too.

Bryan Gumm
A nice option for stealth

I bought 2 tubes which nets me 10 capsules. Having these filled makes it super easy to be out and about.

These are more sturdy than I expected, but can be a bit fiddly to get the tops back on. AVB comes out easy, but an iso soak would get any sticky bits if you add any concentrate

Leaves the perfect amount of headspace for good airflow and the extra metal does help with heat retention.

No regrets on this purchase.

Bobby P.
My Dynavap's CCD Hassel Is Over

These micro baskets are made well and have replaced the CCD frequent cleaning problem and improved airflow for me. The airflow is increased because the Dosing Capsules are wide open. The added thermal mass makes it like a FMJ sleeve for IH heating that creates more dense vaper longer. I load my Marley Naturals Taster Dynavap Titanium stem, heat with the Ispire wand SKC and my STAX water pipe gets me blazed. I got this for Hash use and with bigger chunks it is really intense. Hash slivers mixed with herb really smacks me up to an incredible high. I use a poker to empty the basket and push the basket into ground buds to fill and pack them. Great for on the go with herb and hash mixes to enjoy. Try it you'll like it.

Don't Know Why I Bought These

But I am sure glad that I did. It makes my dynavap easier to use in public (doesn't help with the sketchy image conveyed by using a torch for a prolonged period in public) but filling them first and just popping them out and in (small pair of needle nose pliers help) makes me feel like I have more control than digging in a dugout. As a sweet bonus, I drop a small chunk of crumble or shatter in with the botanicals into the capsule, torch my FMJ vapcap, and this becomes one of the "best slapping hits on the go."