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Dosing Capsules for Dynavap by VGoodiEZ (CAP1)

Regular price $15.00

Made of stainless steel, the pods can be filled and swapped quickly.  Five per package (only four pictured), includes storage tube. 


Dynavap Tip, Cap and stem for demonstration purposes only.  Not included in sale. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Don't Know Why I Bought These

But I am sure glad that I did. It makes my dynavap easier to use in public (doesn't help with the sketchy image conveyed by using a torch for a prolonged period in public) but filling them first and just popping them out and in (small pair of needle nose pliers help) makes me feel like I have more control than digging in a dugout. As a sweet bonus, I drop a small chunk of crumble or shatter in with the botanicals into the capsule, torch my FMJ vapcap, and this becomes one of the "best slapping hits on the go."

Seller is Tier 1

The seller is Tier 1. The product is fine and functions but is not for me. I thought it was difficult to load and more of a hassle. This might be for someone who wants to be more discreet, and this might be good for certain events. I love the seller and didn't want to post a negative review, but he keeps asking me via email (automated) to post a review. Well, here you go.

Hi Matt, Thanks for your feedback! Sorry if the reminders are annoying.

We appreciate your kind words on the shop.

As for the capsules, you really should rate the product where you feel it belongs. We want good honest and transparent feedback. Others have had similar feelings on the size. It's hard because the DV capacity is small in the first place so to make a pod just reduces the size further. Probably best for the microdosers in my opinion!

Lili R
Very convenient for outside!

I got these so i can stop fumbling outdoors trying to fill my Dynavap in my windy area. They are SUPER convenient and even make my herbs cook more evenly. Just pack them with the scoop on the Dynavap cap how you would normally pack bowls (not too tight) and they work perfectly. It also makes for a nice little ritual if you like rolling joints. Customer service was also super helpful when i got it.

Awesome product!

These dosing capsules are very nice.. They are quickly becoming my preferred method of usage with my Dynavap's.. Thanks again Vgoodiez for another trouble-free transaction..