DNA Glass Stem by Vaphit


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Bobby P.
A Great Glass Dynavap Terpene Chaser Experience

Now I know what Terp Chasing is. The Dynavap Titanium SKC delivers massive pure and tasty flavors in my Bio Water Pipe. The Vaphit slaps me up there with big, wide open and low draw resistance cloudy pulls. This got me smacked stoned silly and the terpene flavors are intense. Do not over heat the tip. The taste will go to hell heat in a hand basket. The case it comes with fits The Ispire Wand. The case lets me put a lanyard keychain on it. When I heat my Dynavap B outside it looks like I am taking a picture. This way is very sneaky for traveling. The Vaphit is safe on my tray at home :) The Vaphit is the best stand alone and purest full herbal extraction experience I have ever had. I am mindful about cleaning the intercooler with an Everclear alcohol and a paper towel. The Body can be soaked in Everclear and rinsed in water. My other Dynavap stems now sit on my magnet stand like relics from a former era. Try it you'll like it.

Great flavor!

Great flavor and probably one of my favorite stems, the 10mm adapter makes for challenging waterpipe attachments. It does hit surprisingly hot. It's also not for the clumsy, I dropped it on soft carpet and is now in pieces. I can't fault anyone for my mistakes, I'll ne trying again.

Hi Charles,

Thanks for taking the time to write the review. Sorry about your luck on the glass. Please shoot us an email at sales@vgoodiez.com. We'll see if we can help you out a bit if you want to replace that.

Adam R
Great for flavor, cooling is underwhelming

Flavor is one of Dynavap's greatest strengths, and the Vaphit's all-glass body is a great vehicle for delivering that flavor. While it's definitely fragile, it does feel sturdier in the hand than it looks. The intercooler feels like the flimsiest piece, but I wonder just how much the experience would change if it happened to break, as the one major flaw I've run into with the Vaphit is its hits feel very hot and harsh compared to my Revolve stem and even my M Plus stem. Plug this puppy into your water filtration of choice and that issue goes away. I'm happy to have a decent piece of glass in my collection, especially at this price, but the so-so cooling is a notable downside.