Crafty / Mighty XL Sidecar Bubbler by VGoodiEZ (CM6)


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Cool like the other side of the pillow

Great little accessory for the Mighty. Fits snugly and isn’t overly awkward to use. Huuuuge hits and super cool vapor.

Jason Maharan
Great Little pick up

Easily one of my favorite Mighty accessories. Just cools down the vapor well,, SOLID DESIGN

Jim H
Overall great product

This bubbler works exactly as advertised. I'm quite happy with the way it cools vapor and that it doesn't allow backsplash into the heating chamber.

However, I am not 100% happy with the way it mounts to the device.
1-It uses the swivel straw connection to the cooling chamber as opposed to connecting directly to the heating bowl the way other bubblers do. This creates an opportunity for the bubbler to move around and eventually I'm sure it's a matter of time before it falls off and breaks or topple over with the device.
Also the design is a bit awkward given it is made to be used with a portable Vaporizer. I keep mine in a small Pelican case but to some degree, it defeats the purpose of having a pocketable vaporizer.

Daniel Fitzgerald
Mighty side car bubbler

It does the job, but at the cost of being fragile. Better options available that are a sturdier design.
Lasted two days and broke.
It throws the center of gravity off making the Mighty tippy.


Please contact us at to discuss. If you have pictures of where it broke, we'd like to review. We have sold a lot of these and thisnis the first feedback of that nature.