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Crafty / Mighty Cooling Stem by VGoodiEZ

Regular price $20.00

Replaces the cooling unit in favor of a glass airpath with spiky cooling included.  

Choose from Long/Short or Clear/Smoked Glass.

Mighty not included.  

DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN or you risk damage to your unit.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Greg F
A cooling stem option for the Mighty

I wanted to try something different than the stock cooling unit and found this stem to work in cooling the vapor adequately. It is very easy to use and to clean. Convenient to swap out capsules and herb. I suggest laying your Mighty/Crafty down flat to avoid accidentally knocking unit down breaking stem. Only drawback I see.

Really solid accessory!

This thing works great. The long stem cools better than the stock mighty cooling unit. It’s also easier to clean!

Mark Singer
Open and tidy

So easy to clean, totally open airflow. I smush the herb down with a screen (no dosing caps) to add some restriction. Just psyched that it works well enough for me to replace the plastic CU which is a PITA to clean.

Ken Bonfield
Essential Piece of Kit

As a medical user of cannabis I set my Mighty+ temperature to 390-410 frequently, and the stock cooling unit just doesn’t give me enough cooling to comfortably handle that vapor.

And at cooler temperatures, 365-380, this stem provides way more flavor than the cooling unit.

As a bonus, it makes the Mighty+ much easier to maintain. And it’s quite easy to harvest the leftover honey by soaking the stem in hot milk for a few minutes.

If anything happens to this I’m going to get another for sure.