Core 2.1 E-Rig by Crossing Technology

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1 month in and loving it

I haven't used concentrates since titanium nails were still popular so I figured it was time to try an e-rig out. So far I've been extremely happy with this set up. It heats up quickly, provides consistent and tasty hits, and has very good battery life for a portable. Cleaning is simple and if done while its still warm takes only a few minutes. The glass bubbler it comes with is good enough, I plan on grabbing a glass upgrade at some point but I'm in no rush for that. For the price point this little rig is a powerhouse that is great at home or out in the world.


Worth every penny

Joseph D
Core 2.1

Bought this e rig for use with CBD concentrates and it’s been really great.
The flavor is fantastic and the battery life is great!
The only thing a little lacking is the glass in my opinion, it looks great and it cools great on lower temps but on the white setting the vapor gets very hot and uncomfortable. I will be looking into some new glass attachments in the near future.
Overall I really enjoy this piece, it’s pretty much exactly what I wanted to be able to discreetly enjoy flavorful extracts! For the price I’d say you can’t really go wrong, I’ve hit this right next to my friends puffco peak pro and honestly it’s very similar as far as the vapor goes

Excellent Buy for this first time user

The Core 2.1 is 100% worth the purchase, this is my first e-rig and it is dead simple to use and delivers outstanding performance.