Cooling Unit for Stock Dynavap Condenser by The Rogue Wax Works


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Great addon

This was an excellent add on to my M+ and the extra cooling enables me to comfortable use my Dyna without glass

Brings out Flower

The system cools and changes the flavor profile of your flower. You're able to get those notes that give that particular strain their name since some are very subtle and nuanced.

I know it works because when I pulled the rod after a week's worth of use it was super sticky.

It also doesn't have as much bite. I struggle with the smoke after repeated use -- why I prefer glass/ice bongs -- but this extended my Dynavap use without the need for water cooling.

I purchased the stainless - standard fit for my M+, and the Titanium e-standard tip for my Assassin Titanium Stem and Titanium parts (tip, condenser, mesh); thus, changing the flavor profiles and overall heat.

I recommend the e-standard tip because it goes into the Dynavap tip giving you a spine that goes the length of the stem. The standard fit goes along the length of the condenser.

I'll buy a 3rd if I ever get another stem or new Dynavap.

Twisty goodness!

Fits well in condenser.
Noticeably cooler even when I go past the click. You can taste the char but your tounge doesn't pay. Omni feel, MVS temps and mild increase in draw resistance. Like a wonderful, tiny piece of titanium liquorice. (Disclaimer, don't try and eat it!:)

Excellent addition to an already great DV

Purchased the E XL Titanium. Fits perfect and doesn't move inside. Helped me build my new fav stand alone DV piece.