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17mm Ceramic Flavor Disc by Elev8 Glass

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The Elev8 Ceramic Flavor Disc is made from pure ceramic and is sintered at 1300 degrees C.  The flavor disc is one of the best affordable ways to truly taste your concentrates.  Originally designed to work with 7th Floor desktop vapes to vaporizer concentrates.  They also work great in a pipe and you only need to use a lighter to make it work!  The flavor disc works by creating a ton of area.  The area is what allows your concentrates to vaporize efficiently.  As the disc is heated up, the concentrates touching the flavor disc will start to vaporize as the oils reach their optimum vaping temperature.



  • Made  from pure ceramic
  • Used to vaporizer concentrates in vaporizers
  • Used to vaporizer concentrates in pipes
  • Use a flavor savor on your pipe so your flavor disc stays where it should

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
worked as described

Used with mechanically (as opposed to chemically) extracted concentrates and a B1 from cannabis hardware at 750-850F and got nearly full melt. No flower just concentrate. Happy Vaping!

Greg F
17mm flavor disc

Perfectly sized to fit my Vapbong so that I can run concentrates whenever I'm in the mood.
Thumbs up! 👍🏻