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Cell by VGoodiEZ

Regular price $60.00

Medium volume water piece with Showercap percolator for medium open and moderately cool rips!  Comes with 14mm Male Trumpet Cooling Mouthpiece as well as 14mm Whip to Glass Mouthpiece. 

14mm Female Connection.  Medical Grade Silicone Tubing outer diameter is 11.0mm and inner diameter is 7.0mm.  

Please note there may be small variations in the forming of glass.  Each piece is expected to function perfectly but there may be small variations in the glass from a visual standpoint.  

*Cell Mega and Cell in picture for comparison purposes only.  You are only buying one item! 




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nathaniel Keich
Smoked Cell

I originally wanted to get the bigger version of this but am so glad I opted for this one instead. It is a perfect size and pairs really well with my B1. Don't see myself getting any other pieces as long as this one is still around. In my opinion, it is a perfect water piece.

Richard Tettelbaum
Mini Cube A Delight

Near perfect water piece for the money..

Lives up to the hype!

So smooth easy to clean and it's bigger than it seems. I love the fact that the mouthpiece is interchangeable with the whip. It's my new favorite piece.

Elijah Abdulrahman
A much appreciated addition to the glass collection

My new piece dedicated for flower. A nice 3.5in cube that sits perfectly on my desk next to my HLT. Though I wish it had an additional port like the larger cell, the compact size + it being smoked was a worthy trade.