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Fine Grinder 3" Arm Band by Cannibis Hardware

Regular price $50.00

  • Produces Very Fine Grind (not good for rolling)
  • 6061 Medical Grade Aluminium.
  • 2 Rare Earth Super Strong Magnets
  • Large 3.0" Inch Dia to increase the leverage.  
  • Silicone Rubber Provides Amazing Grip
  • Clean by soaking in hot dish soap and brushing with a firm brush
  • Personalize by changing the 3" x 1/2" rubber arm bands
  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy
Big, grippy and easy.

The Grinder is just what I was looking for. It comes with good leverage due to its size, the "arm bands" help with grip and manipulation, and the many sharp teeth makes grinding quick and easy. The grinder arrived quickly and information on the order was provided. Good product and service was all I could ask for.

CH recommends a "fine" grind

CH makes this grinder to provide a fine grind for use in their units. My existing grinders do not grind that fine, so I got this one. It is a two piece grinder, so you have some control over how fine your end product gets - the longer you grind, the finer the result. Very solidly built. More than fairly priced, particularly considering the build quality. If you need grinder that grinds "fine", this one will serve you well.

3” CH Grinder

This thing is smooth AF! I have major dexterity issues and was concerned that any grinder might not work for me, but this was made so well, smooth and large anybody can use it. The heft of it is surprising and beneficial! I’m able to set it on a silicone mat and push down with one hand and grind, awesome! The finest of the grind is perfect for my CH B0 and DynaVaps! If you have purchased CH accessories before, you know they are well-made and pricey and I feel like this is a real bargain for the quality!