B1 Heavy Bundle Curated by VGoodiEZ


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Great quality and CS

I love my new setup! It really is worth is for all those that are on the edge. Honestly just go for it and you'll stop wondering. Previously I was using a "regular" convection/conduction vaporizer but my sessions dragged on and on, sometimes for 20 minutes+. Now with B1 it's literally 2-3 hits and I'm done.
Customer service is LEGENDARY! Super quick to response, knowledgeable, willing to help, understanding and patient - great job!

Awesome bundle!

I've been a heavy user of my Mighty for the past year. I tended to only use it at my desk though so I decided to try out a desktop vape and wanted to get the best for solo use. I landed on the B1. It blows my Mighty out of the water in comparison. This thing hits like a freaking tank! I got this with the shovel head bowl and I can either pack it to the brim to send me to Pluto or a small pack to send me to the Moon. The flavor is great and I plan on getting a glass bowl to see if that changes the flavor profile at all. I suggest getting an ash catch to help keep your bong cleaner as well. This bundle is also great as I've never used ball vapes before and didn't want to mess with setting it all up. VGoodiEZ came in clutch with assembling all of it for me! Just plugged in and BLAST OFF!!!!

Loving the B1!

I’ve had the B1 for about 3 nights now and I’m already in love. I used to go through 1-2 Dynavap bowls and 2 Mighty capsules for each session. I’ve had many 1 session shovelhead bowls (equivalent of 1 Mighty capsule). This thing hits like crazy!!

And great service from VGoodiez!! I ordered over a weekend and received the following Wednesday. Can’t ask for anything better with free shipping.