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B0 (B Zero) Head Assembly by Cannabis Hardware

Regular price $40.00

The B-Zero is the latest iteration of the "B" series of heads. This time, it is a single piece "ball" device inspired by the different DIY devices appearing in the community, namely the DIY device put together by "secreagent" which involved our CH 18mm posts and a 16mm coil. 

CH removed the machined screen (extra mass) and replaced with a second 5/8 double weave screen located directly below the coil. They also increased the mass to fit one of our 20mm flowerpot coils. As observed the the injector series the balls beneath the coil seem to take away performance. We are getting great clouds at 580F with 3mm balls.

100ish x 3mm Rubies fills the heater with just enough room to get the screen in.  

50ish x 4mm Rubies until fills the heater and you'll have some ruby left over with this option.  

* The B Zero is to be used with a 20mm coil.   They way it fits, there is a bit of play unless you stretch the coil slightly to apply pressure on the slip ring.  We don't stretch the coils but you can do that on your own.  This also fits the High Five coil but the wiring diagram WILL NOT WORK with the PID's we sell.  We just wanted to inform folks of the fit.  


- B Zero Head (3430)

- Stainless Steel Spring Clip (9429)

- 5/8" Titanium Screen x2 (9375)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
A Fantastic Device, Great Combustion Replacement

This is my first desktop vape and as a bong smoker, I wanted something that wouldn't be a tease like a lot of entry vapes can be. Well, this certainly doesn't play around. It hits like a champ and tastes wonderful. It allows me to keep using my glass, but now it stays way cleaner, and my lungs are way happier. I use mine with a VGoodiEZ Injector bowl. If you're on the fence, just go for this. Amazing service from VGoodiEZ as well. 10/10

Patric H
Awesome Upgrade for My DC Elev8r

I loved my DC Elev8r, I didn't think vape life could get any better, until one gloomy day when my glass Elev8r head split and left my balls in a predicament. But VGoodiez to the rescue, they got me set up with this new assembly, assembled it for me, and had it to me ready to use in less than a week! The B-Zero outperforms the DC Elev8r in every way but one, in my opinion, and that is flavor. Moving from the glass to the titanium, I have noticed some flavor loss in my Scooby Snacks, but certainly not enough to make me consider going back to the Elev8r.

Zachary Stone
If you’re thinking about it, do yourself a favour and just get it

This is my first desktop vape and quite honestly has blown away my expectations once you have this thing dialled in it is a beast, can have it down low for nice slow and flavourful, or up to combustion temps, definitely some of the best customer service too with nice quick replies
One happy customer from aus 10/10 ✌🏽

Desktop VAS killer

I don't see myself buying any other desktop vape after this....10/10