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B0 (B Zero) Head Assembly by Cannabis Hardware

Regular price $40.00

The B-Zero is the latest iteration of the "B" series of heads. This time, it is a single piece "ball" device inspired by the different DIY devices appearing in the community, namely the DIY device put together by "secreagent" which involved our CH 18mm posts and a 16mm coil. 

CH removed the machined screen (extra mass) and replaced with a second 5/8 double weave screen located directly below the coil. They also increased the mass to fit one of our 20mm flowerpot coils. As observed the the injector series the balls beneath the coil seem to take away performance. We are getting great clouds at 580F with 3mm balls.

100ish x 3mm Rubies fills the heater with just enough room to get the screen in.  

50ish x 4mm Rubies until fills the heater and you'll have some ruby left over with this option.  

* The B Zero is to be used with a 20mm coil. 


- B Zero Head (3430)

- Stainless Steel Spring Clip (9429)

- 5/8" Titanium Screen x2 (9375)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wayne S
Great kit

Wanted to try out an injector style as I have the B2 already and this was cheaper than the injector bottom piece. This hits great and is highly recommended (get snap ring pliers it makes assemblyeasier). The service from VGoodiEZ is order processing and delivery...will be coming back for my next purchase.

J Busy
Pinky upgrade

The satisfaction I get from a full flavored hit with the bzero is unreal. Vgoodiez delivered quick the bzero is everything I always wanted thank you !

Dennis Robert
Heavy hitter for sure

Service was great, and this thing rips!

Highly Recommend the B-Zero

I built a ceramic Pinky injector and liked it a lot, but I found the vapor it produced to be drying on the throat. The titanium B-Zero is just as powerful, but with better flavor and none of the dry throat feeling.