B0 (B Zero) Budget Heavy Bundle Curated by VGoodiEZ
B0 (B Zero) Budget Heavy Bundle Curated by VGoodiEZ

B0 (B Zero) Budget Heavy Bundle Curated by VGoodiEZ

$199.00 $237.50

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Just get it

You don’t have a ball vape yet and want to see what the fuss is about? Get this, it’s a fantastic value. Pair it with one of the bubblers offered here (which also have a great price)

Ball vapes are the ultimate replacement for replacing your heavy hitting combustion bong. This will hit harder, and taste better.


First time I have been happy with a dry herb vape as a long time bong smoker. This thing rips with the shovelhead bowl.

Best thing I've bought in a very long while.

I must give credit to where it's due... I was using the Arizer Air Max for a year and it's a really decent unit. However, it requires longer sessions to fully medicate my Fubared arm & nerve damage (15-20 min). I watched a few YouTube videos from "Lee, at Table Top '' regarding ball vapes and decided it's time to jump onboard... I put together a stove powered version to show wife it's worth the cost (will post pic). Yup, it worked very well but my wife said "Wow, holy crap - that's really nice honey, now go get the real thing so you don't burn my kitchen down".

I ordered the B0 (B Zero) Budget Heavy Bundle and it arrived 2 days later. Like described on the page, it's literally plug & play after inspection! It was put together very well (no missing pieces, snug tight coil, no scratches, no fingerprints, everything in place, and nicely packaged for shipping). That said… I do recommend buying the upgraded stand or put something else together (I made one out of spare parts).

My review? Train wreck hits & amazing flavor… What else can I say? It's worth every single penny!!! Omg... Yea, if you're looking to get into ball vapes, this package is on point at a decent price. Like holy frikin cow.... Thanks to all the peeps for the recommendation & VGoodiEZ for building it (bravo).

Cheers, much appreciated - Terry G. (SarasotaFOH).

PS: Even have the sticker on gear rack -- Hmmm, how about a 19" Rack mounted version for audio guys? Lmao....

Joseph Grose
Awesome Intro Into Ball Vapes!

Thanks for making this easy vgoodiez!