4 Piece 1.8" Stainless Steel Grinder by Zam Grinders (ZAM1)


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Rachel Dilkus
Fantastic grinder

I've been eyeing this grinder for awhile now. I wanted a stainless steel grinder that offered a keif catcher and wasn't huge. This thing is perfect. It's small enough to fit in your hand easily, is heavy and sturdy, easy to clean (a quick brushing after every few uses), and grinds like a champ. The bud comes out beautiful, nice and fluffy. It turns easily and you can really feel it working on the bud, cutting it up. I am so happy I pulled the trigger on this grinder. You won't be disappointed!

Fucking love this little thing!

Bought an earlier version and instantly fell in love. Was so tickled by the value I have been searching high and low for another, but sadly to no avail. Honestly did not realize it was the same grinder until after I bought it! Serendipitous to say the least

Tiny and mighty

Love the heft, and quality. Wish it were a little larger but honestly too much bigger and might bee too heavy!

Does a nice grind and has a great feel.