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3mm Borosilicate Beads - 10g Bag by VGoodiEZ

Regular price $10.00

These 3mm Borosilicate (Glass) beads / balls / spheres have a number of different purposes being used in both heat sink vaporizer tech as well as glass mouthpiece cooling tech.  

These are the same Glass beads used in Vape Critic's G43 vaporizer so they are a direct and suitable replacement.  They are also used in the VGoodiez Elev8R Enail kits (E43)  and are a perfect solution to add heater mass.  

Pouch is filled with 10g of beads or more. This is more than enough to completely fill up the G43 or Elev8R heater.  Want to know how many balls that is?  Feel free to count them and let us know!  LOL

VGoodiez takes no responsibility for personal injury or damage to personal vaporizing equipment as a result of modifications with these beads.  Hot balls are dangerous too so be careful! 

They are not recommended as terp pearls for your banger. It is also NOT recommended to use glass beads for the Elev8R torch.  Only the enail driven E43 version.    

*G43 for display purposes only!  Not included!

Customer Reviews

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Excellent service

Ordered them to the UK and it took no time at all, and came with a note about UK vendors who will be stocking the items I purchased soon so I don't have to order from the US again. Above and beyond imo, I'm very grateful 🤗


Perfect size for the Silver Surfer. Great product and great price!

la bille qui bing

tres bon produit . Pour le E43 cela permet de le compléter et cela fonctionne plutôt bien.

A Bed of Beads

My plan was to use the boro. balls for a spare Elev8R quartz Heater and for spares in the event I drop/lose some. They’re a little unwieldy to handle. But I’ve decided to go the ruby ball route in my Terp Torch and my Elev8R/E43 heaters. However, these balls were put to good use, in my opinion. I emptied the balls into a small glass bowl and now my Elev8R/E43 heater/coil lies in the bowl onto a bed of boro. balls to rest. I neglected to purchase a stand for my VGoodiEZ “E43” bundle so I came up with this kluge for a stand. So far so good. This way when I lay the coil into the bowl it doesn’t clank on the bowl’s bottom but settles onto a bed of beads.