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28mm Sapphire Dish by Cannabis Hardware

Regular price $150.00

Made for the VRod or B2, Sapphire dishes are considered the pinnacle of the modern day dab surface for its clean and transparent profile. The hardness and durability of sapphire is what prevents the surface from being impregnated and degrading flavors. This sapphire is lab grown from the same supplier that makes bezels for Rolex watches. 

THERMAL SHOCK WARNING: Do not expose your HOT Sapphire dish to cold water. It will crack!

Sapphire dishes are susceptible to thermal shock.  Do not add water or cleaning solutions while hot or use any metal without pre warming them.  This is a specialty product, not for everyone.  The main cause of breakage is not knowing how to handle it correctly.

Please understand that all sales are final and there are no returns or warranty claims on these sapphire dishes.

  • Unpolished Interior Sapphire Dish
  • Only fits FlowerPot Vrod Head
  • 28 mm Outside Diameter
  • Incredible Flavor Transfer
  • This Sapphire dish is Imported 
  • uses max 5mm terp pearls
  • Q-tip Swab After Use to Maintain High Quality Flavors
  • Soak in warm alcohol for a through clean 
  • No warranty

VROD head for pictures only.  Only the dish is included.  

Customer Reviews

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Sapphire Dish

I’ve been rocking the Sic for a while and since I always have my FP on I was using it a lot even though I get better flavor from other rigs. I have been LOVIN’ this thing. It really does add a brightness to the flavor that has been making it my favorite to use.