Whip Mouthpiece and 14mm Attachment Whip Assembly by Goo Roo Glass


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Rachel D.
Fantastic piece

I am someone who wants to vape through water like, 90% of the time. And I am also someone who just really likes whips as mouthpieces because it is more ergonomic. So I decided to upgrade the Orb's whip to this baby. First off, I didn't exactly realize how big it is. This is a hefty piece of glass. You are not hiding this boy. Know going into this, that you are getting a piece that is 10 inches long. That said, I do not mind one bit. It is a fantastic whip. Cools like a champ. Zero complaints with it. If you like to vape through water and are looking for a very conspicuous upgrade, this is for you!

Bigger than I expected !

Wow the glass mouthpiece is huge but keeps vapor very cool for my Element! The silicon whip is the most flexible of 3 that I have and the flexibility is very useful. I'm happy.

Pete N.
Great Item

Great whip mouthpiece for the price point. The glass is very well made and seems reasonably thick. The black tubing did have a strong smell of rubber, but I boiled it in water. That did help. Just keep in mind the size of the mouthpiece, it's pretty big. Those with lung issues may not have the capacity to draw through the whip and clear a water piece. Overall, it's a great item brought to you by VG, As always, great customer service.

Perfect Globe accessory

Many waterpieces just come with a small glass tube for a mouthpiece. No longer. Well sized and heavy in the hand. I did add a longer hose for convenience.