Safety and Optimal Performance: Essential Tips for Coil and Ball Vaporizer Users


 Coil vaporizers and ball vaporizers offer a unique and enjoyable vaping experience, but it's essential to prioritize safety when using these devices. In this blog post, we will explore important safety considerations and provide valuable tips to ensure a safe and worry-free session. We'll also introduce a "shake test" to help you verify the containment of rubies inside the housing, minimizing the risk of spills, burns, and damage.

Quality Assurance:

  • Quality Assurance: At VGoodiEZ, we prioritize quality and safety, offering coils with the 5-Pin XLR North American Standard pinout.
  • Wire Pinout Consideration: It's important to note that compatibility may not extend to other PIDs, even if the plug looks similar. The wire pinout must match how the PID is wired.

For reference and compatibility information, please refer to the provided diagram:


By adhering to this compatibility guideline, you can ensure a seamless and safe connection between the coil and PID controller, optimizing the performance and reliability of your vaporizer setup.

Power Source and PID Controller Care:

    Proper coil care is essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of your ball vape.
    • Start by regularly inspecting the coil for any signs of damage or wear.
    • Check for exposed wires that may pose a safety risk or affect the functionality of the vaporizer.
    • Ensure that the wire pinout matches the proper configuration and that all connections are secure.

      Protective Sleeve of the Cable:

      • Regularly inspect the protective sleeve of the cable attaching the coil and coil handle to the PID.
      • Ensure the protective sleeve is intact and free from any damage, such as cuts or tears.
      • Replace the cable or protective sleeve if any signs of damage are present.
        PID Controller Care: Properly maintain and care for your PID controller.
        • Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning and maintenance procedures.
        • Handle the controller with care, avoiding exposure to water or extreme temperatures.
        • Regularly check for any signs of damage or malfunction and address them promptly.


          Temperature Control:

          • Start Low and Go Slow: Begin at lower temperature settings and gradually increase as desired.
          • Material-Specific Temperatures: Consult manufacturer's recommendations for optimal temperature ranges based on the material being used.
          • Avoid Excessive Heat: Stay within recommended temperature ranges to prevent combustion and unwanted byproducts.
          • Experiment and Personalize: Find the temperature range that suits your preferences and enhances your vaping experience.
          • Device-Specific Temperature Control: Utilize temperature control features offered by your vaporizer to customize your vaping experience.


          Material Compatibility:

          • Ensure you are using the appropriate materials specified for your coil or ball vaporizer. 
          • Mixing incompatible materials can lead to uneven heating, clogging, or even device damage. 
          • Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for material compatibility.

          Proper Loading:

          • Loose Material Loading: Avoid tightly packing the material in the chamber.
          • Scoop or Pour Method: Use a scoop or pour the material from a tray to achieve a loose and even distribution.
          • Allow Airflow: Ensure that the hot air can pass through the material to extract its goodness.
          • Optimize Vaporization: By maintaining a loose and even distribution, you can enhance the vaporization process.

          Before using:
          • Gently Shake: Hold the vaporizer securely and give it a gentle shake.
          • Listen: Pay close attention to any loose or rattling sounds coming from the housing.
          • Check for Movement: Feel for any movement from the housing or screens while shaking the device.
          • Inspect for Loose Rubies: After shaking, visually inspect the housing and look for any loose rubies outside of their designated places.
          • Address Any Issues: If you hear movement, detect loose rubies, or see any signs of containment issues, it's crucial to address the problem before using the device.
          • Follow manufacturer's instructions: Refer to the vaporizer's user manual or contact us at

          Maintenance and Cleaning:

          • While the nature of the ball vape allows for virtually no cleaning when used with loose material, our concentrate users will need to regularly clean the housing and rubies to maintain optimal performance and longevity.
          • Some user prefer isopropyl alcohol cleaning pads, whereas others like to soak any dirty pieces in a small bowl for soaking.
          • Handle hot components with caution and allow sufficient cooling time before cleaning.

          Safety Precautions:

          • Supervision: Avoid leaving the device unattended during vaping sessions to prevent any potential accidents or mishaps.
          • Flammable Materials: Keep the vaporizer away from flammable materials such as curtains, papers, or liquids that could pose a fire hazard.
          • Burns Prevention: Exercise caution to prevent accidental burns, particularly when the device features a heating element that can reach high temperatures. Handle the device with care and use appropriate safety measures.
          • Safe Storage: Store the vaporizer in a secure and safe place, out of reach of children and pets. Consider using a designated storage case or container to protect the device when not in use.
          • Maintenance and Inspections: Regularly inspect the vaporizer for any signs of damage or wear.
          • Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance, cleaning, and any recommended safety checks.


          Coil vaporizers and ball vaporizers offer a unique and enjoyable vaping experience, but safety should always be the top priority. By following these essential safety tips and performing the "shake test" to verify ruby containment, you can have a fantastic and safe vaping experience. Remember to choose quality devices, use compatible materials, practice proper loading and maintenance, and prioritize overall safety throughout your vaping journey. We hope this guide helps you enjoy your coil or ball vaporizer while maintaining a safe and worry-free vaping experience.

          Happy vaping from the Home of the Heavies!

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