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Zam Grinder with PTFE Debowler and Bucket by Zam Grinders

Regular price $50.00

Great for travel these have a built in PTFE storage area as well as debowler/ABV collector!  

Grinder Specifications

  • 1.1" in diameter, 3.7" in length.
  • CNC'd from solid block of aluminum 6061.
  • Manufactured in China
  • Anodized to prevent scratches/surface wear
  • 100 micron stainless steel screen
  • PTFE O-ring for smooth turning
  • Optional PTFE lining/de-bowler
  • Ultrasonically cleansed to remove leftover unwanted manufacturing contaminants.
  • Parts are manufactured in China then assembled in the United States
  • Full 6 month warranty. Limited lifetime warranty. 
  • PTFE (Teflon) inserts included!
  • Bonus PTFE Funnel included!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great travel grinder or for use out and about

Great grinder for use out and about. The debowler works well for dynavaps.

Great for the pocket.

Pairs up well with a dynavap, works great for on the go grinding. Very easy to use with a damaged hand because of its taller size. I'd definitely recommend it.

Cool but mine broke

Cool idea and good design. Like the modular compartments but the magnet on mine won't hold it together after 1st use and maybe 1 month owning. Seemed like good quality. Opened it up fine. Tried to grind a flower and then when i opened it it seemed weak and i tried to close it again and it would no longer hold itself together... Its small also. Would work well on popcorn buds. With The abv and debowler it would pair great with the dynastash and a small t7orch. Unfortunately its size relegates it to a travel/outdoors piece. I would ask to have someone check the mag if ordered. Other than the issue mine has its pretty good. 4 star if working and 5 star if it was more obvious that its less than 1" inside diameter and maybe 1.1" o.d. i

Robert per my email

Please return the product to the following address and I'll refund you upon receipt. I don't sell junk on my website Robert. You may have received a defective unit but I've sold dozens without complaint and have a few of these running in my home without issue.

1557 Buford Drive #492903 Lawrenceville, GA 30043

I'm sorry this has not met your satisfaction and you are unwilling to give the manufacturer the opportunity to address this before writing such a critical review.