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Zam Grinder with PTFE Debowler and Bucket by Zam Grinders

Regular price $50.00

Great for travel these have a built in PTFE storage area as well as debowler/ABV collector!  

Grinder Specifications

  • 1.1" in diameter, 3.7" in length.
  • CNC'd from solid block of aluminum 6061.
  • Manufactured in China
  • Anodized to prevent scratches/surface wear
  • 100 micron stainless steel screen
  • PTFE O-ring for smooth turning
  • Optional PTFE lining/de-bowler
  • Ultrasonically cleansed to remove leftover unwanted manufacturing contaminants.
  • Parts are manufactured in China then assembled in the United States
  • Full 6 month warranty. Limited lifetime warranty. 
  • PTFE (Teflon) inserts included!
  • Bonus PTFE Funnel included!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Steve S
The Best Grinder Ever

This is a top quality grinder that allows the user to make the product as fine or as coarse as desired without clogging up and providing safe storage in the grinder. The bowl cleaner is perfect for the DynaVape and saves the product. Worth the price. I would recommend this to a friend.

Enrique Vasquez
Great quality, lots of utility. The blue is very sleek

Bud grinds up quite nicely, love the included debowler and funnel. Well worth the asking price.

Jake (JakeTheGrimVaporist)
Great travel grinder or for use out and about

Great grinder for use out and about. The debowler works well for dynavaps.

Robert Nelson
Customer service

I recieved a defective unit and left a review. and got hassled about the review from the proprietor but he also offered a refund if i return it. Didnt offer to pay return freight though he might have if i had returned it. However the manufacturer has sent a replacement. Zam says he now uses different epoxy so this issue should be resolved.

Hi Robert, thanks for your revised review. As we discussed, I took exception to you emailing me on the issue, me immediately responding letting you know I'd work with the manufacturer, you followed that up with an initial one star review calling the product trash. Again we don't sell trash in the shop. The manufacturer has made this right and if they didn't I would have but you decided it was appropriate to call an item I sell trash over a simple defect before giving anyone an opportunity to address your concern. Sorry I took exception to that. I'm glad ZAM took care of you, I knew they would.