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Weedeater Head Assembly by Cannabis Hardware

Regular price $95.00

  • Made for Flower-only 
  • 19 hole diffuser for maximum airflow
  • Fits Standard 20mm Coil
  • Grade 2 Titanium Made In The USA
  • Works with all glass and titanium Flowerpot Bowls
  • Includes the Nut and Diffuser only. Other itmes shown are for illustrations purposes and available for seperate purchase. 

*Requires 5 wrap Coil for snug fit. You may use a 4 wrap but it will be loose and will take longer to heat up. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Seems to heat more evenly than the VROD, but heats up slightly slower and can't dab. VROD heats the edges more, but you can dab. I find myself not needing to stir with the weedeater too, unlike the VROD.

My temps are usually 654F or 666F, milks real well, but if you pull too fast with a carb cap on you might combust. I've only done it a couple times though.

Also doing exclusively drybong style with a mega globe and it is delightful. Highly recommend.

10/10 though. If you don't care about dabbing get this, if you dab get the VROD, or get both idc it's your money.

Will "Irish" Farnan
Blown Away, this is my new Everyday Driver

Absolutely love it! It was a bit of a learning curve at first and I definitely ran it too hot a few times, but now that I've found the ideal temp for flower (650⁰F) it smokes like a dream. It milks my piece up but barely touched the bud. I've already collected almost 4oz's of AVB that I plan on using for edibles! Personally, I'd recommend getting the stand and enail handle for a more comfortable/safe experience, but it'll work with just the coil, PID and the weed eater head (assuming you have a fitting slide/bowl). Also, stock up on metal screens. See pics below!

Joey the barber
Great service

Great product!works better than I expected