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Aromatizer Classic Edition by Collyland

Regular price $415.00

Handmade from Germany!  This is a vaporizer and water piece all in one.  100% Convection, it RIPS!  

Every vaporizer comes with a matching bowl as a filling aid and an infinitely variable 110V transformer.  

Benefits of Dr. Colly's Aromitzer: 


1) optics

  • Fascination at first sight: wonderful effect glazes and unique design. 

 2) acoustics

  • Pleasant bubbling, no roaring blower or balloon rustling.


3) Use and application


  • Excellent vapor development and easy handling with maximum efficiency and complete utilization of the plant material.
  • No throat irritation - the chillum with diffuser ensures gentle cooling, the water filters and frees the steam from remaining fine particles.
  • No plastic - you have never tasted your weed so pure and delicious, just like food, it simply tastes better if no plastic is used.
  • On-demand operation, no waste when not in use, no loss due to deposits in the tube or balloon.
  • Pull lightly and little or strongly and abundantly - everything is equally possible.
  • Hash or weed - you can vaporize both in the VapBong
  • Suitable for 24/7 continuous operation.


4) sophistication

  • No plastic bags or tubes on the face, the consuming person looks natural and aesthetic.
  • Treat yourself to something special: All vaporizers are handcrafted - how many handcrafted items do you have in your household?


5) sustainability

  • Saves money and resources: no hidden subscription or expensive add-ons (expensive plastic bags or tubes to buy). 
  • The VapBongs are wear-free, no parts have to be bought!

 Easy to clean with hot water, a bottle brush and any natural cleaning solution.


Formally known as the Vapbong by Art of Vapor


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
What’s that 30k I tossed on glassware for? Well shit that might be the endgame. I want another one

Look at the pic and think suck it

The only desktop I use

This beast replaced my SSV43. I’ve used it every day since my purchase in November of 2020 and there’s been no difference in performance. There is nearly no maintenance required besides emptying and refilling water every night and scraping the downstem and oven ball gently with a tool. I’m so happy to see this device get the attention it deserves….don’t miss out!

Functional Work Of Art

The Vapbong is one of my favorites and I simply love it. Unique and very well made piece of functional art. This is a must have for the dry herb vape enthusiast. I got the Autumn 3D Vapbong Classic from Vgoodiez this past November. Scott always knocks it out of the park with the very best products and service. I always highly recommend Vgoodiez.

One of a Kind

I can't put into words how incredible this vaporizer is. It truly is one of the best I've ever used.

Shipping was incredibly fast and received it in a few days. Excellent service per usual. No one does it better!!!