Tripod Stand for The Wand by Ispire


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Don Anderson
Look, no hands

It makes it easier than holding your wand. Just adjust it to height, and heat away...

Great DynaVap companion

I don't usually mess with concentrates too often but this device makes for a great, more manual induction heater for DynaVap/vapcaps (at least for stainless steel tips) using the official silicone+glass inserts.

The only downside is that the heat up appears to be time-based and it seems to chew through charge a bit (and a borderline useless charge indication function) compared to my old Apollo 2. But the batteries are replaceable making the last point mostly moot.

Takes a little longer to get a click but increased heat soaking gives you the option to microdose bowls in one hit once you get your preferred technique down.

Great help

I bought this in conjunction with the wand as I have dexterity issues and managing both the wand and my dynavap would've proved difficult. The legs are a little softer than I'd have thought but they stand well when placed. It's just over time it kinda sinks a little, like the next day I'll have to straighten it out. But I'm pleased with it and would recommend it without pause.

Great company

Great service time, arrived before the wand itself I bought elsewhere even right after Christmas, they even left a personalized note thanking me. Thank you! Loving the wand so far with my dynavap and dabs