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Tripod Stand for The Wand by Ispire

Regular price $20.00

Hold your wand in place hands free while you dab! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Game changer

I bought the wand, a day later I bought the tripod. And OMG it is a must have. If you can get your hands on it. Thanks VG

Product is Great. Customer Service is even better.

Can't say enough good things about the product or company. The stand works perfectly and helps make the Wand even more useful!

Dealing with Vgoodiez is an absolute pleasure. My first place to look whenever I'm going to purchase!

Was great until it wasn’t.

I used it for a couple weeks and then one of the legs broke off. The Legs are just flimsy and feel weak. I was able to take the part that holds the wand and attach it to another tripod stand though so I still use it !

Hi Jessica, I am sorry to hear about your experience here. I am not 100% on what kind of warranty coverage may apply here but I would encourage you to shoot us an email here at with a picture of your defect so we can get you in touch with Ispire.

Pretty meh, especially if you had something that worked before

I was using a coffee mug before this as it was the perfect height for my rig. Decided to splurge on this with another order... Wish I never got it at all! The legs are flimsy and constantly need adjusted. If you even move it in the slightest you will need to reposition the legs or risk having the wand hang off your rig and pull down on the glass, risking a snap. Maybe this is just me and my experience, because I have heard this was a "game changer", but personally I will be sticking with my sturdy coffee mug that does not need constantly adjusted.