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Tinymight 2 Bundle Curated by VGoodiEZ

Sale price $415.00 Regular price $460.00


We compiled several of our favorite accessories into one convenient Bundle

Enhance your session with the Tinymight 2 Bundle Curated by VGoodiEZ!

What’s Included:

Tinymight 2 by Tinymight

XL Sidecar Bubbler by Tinymight

XL Cooling Stem by Tinymight

3-in-1 WPA by Tinymight

Dosing Capsules by Tinymight

Hard Rim Basket Screens (4-Pack) by Tinymight

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Awesome Bundle and the TM2 is a BEAST.

The TM2 is sick, my favorite vape. The speed and convenience is unmatched.
I used all the attachments and they all work well. The basket screens are so convenient, get extra!
WPA is a must.
No pics of the item but chose to buy from VGoodiez after reading so many good reviews/comments from reddit. 10/10

Awesome bundle for an awesome device

The product is incredible. Rips hard and is easy to use. Enjoy that I can switch between on demand and session mode, though I mainly just use on demand. Cleaning is easy as well. Great unit and extremely satisfied with it. This bundle was a GREAT deal with all the accessories and attachments. Shipped fast and arrived even faster. Great experience.

Vince Vicari
Great product, great website to buy from

I have no complaints about this device and I am very happy with how fast this company got it to me. It was during the holidays that I ordered it and it was still here the same week. As far as the device itself. I am very happy with it. It is a hard hitting machine but rips through batteries. So have a few of those and an external charger if you plan on using it a lot or with a few people. It gets really hot in session mode if you have it upside down to use the wpa attachment so don’t leave it like that too long!

Nick Vander Meulen
Amazing Device, Amazing place to buy it

Fantastic customer service and a fantastic device. 10/10 would recommend.