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Thermal Accumulator by Phattpiggie

Regular price $85.00

Been looking for a portable ball vape?  Look no further!  Direct from the UK, this is Phattpiggie's latest creation!  Powered by a torch or induction heater, this is truly power you can fit in your pocket!  Handcrafted as usual, these are limited in stock!  

*Filled with 2g 3mm boro balls (about 55 balls) as the heat matrix.  Ruby, SiC and CZ have all been tested successfully so have at it if you want to experiment!  

*Spare screens and O-Rings are included as well as heater matrix removal tool. This also set's the bowl screen!  

*Wood grain and color may differ from photos.  Each piece is unique how nature intended it. 

*Options for Thermal Accumulator or to add stems.    8mm fitting will mate to a variety of stems.  Full Stems are all lined with 316 SS and all accumulators come with 316 SS screens as well.  8mm Matrix heaters are Ti lined.  

*The Olivewood WPA and Bocote stem have a fixed heater matrix that cannot be removed.  If you want a heater that will go on any stem then you'll need to purchase the heater matrix only.

*Wood stems are preferable to metal stems if back to back use is in the plans.  The metal will get hot!

*Frequent Flyer discount available if you have purchased Piggie Gear from Piggie directly or perhaps from us in the past!  Contact us at sales@vgoodiez.com for details!  

*Wand unit and Glass Charlie/Revolve cooling stem not included in sale but available for purchase separately.  

*Be sure to do a"burn off" while empty.  Then do a hot run while empty to get a sense of the heat and how much you're giving versus the amount of torch time.  Then fill her up and have a good time!  



Usage video with torch here!  Thanks Phattpiggie!



 Stay tuned in 2023 for the addition of Induction Heaters and Log equipment that will be compatible! 

Phattpiggie and VGoodiEZ accept NO RESPONSIBLITY if you F*ck up!  :)  Use with caution!  

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
PickleSwift VA/FC
100% Balls

A Portable Ball Vape, what's not to love? PP designed a Manual Steam Engine that seems to endlessly produce vapor, rip after rip after rip. The Thermal Accumulator has easily slid into the rotation as a Daily Driver. One more thing, don't forget to Cherry the C%#T. Thanks Scott and Phatts for such an amazing product.

Blown away

Amazing. A little learning curve, 4th bowl was perfection

Danjens fc
Vapor cannon

If you see this device in stock, buy it.
My favorite butane vape, hands down. Slap it on your dyna stem of choice and have your mind blown. The vapor just doesn’t stop.
If you’re looking for a portable heavy, look no further. Thanks PP and Scott for making these available