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The Vapman Station by Vapman

Regular price $275.00


This original Swiss Vapman Station is no longer available.

The electric Vapman Station heats your botanicals up to a controlled temperature with no risk of overheating. Equipped with sophisticated electronics, the Vapman Station's fine workmanship and simple design make the ideal heat source for Vapman at home and provide for a pleasant user experience.

 ***Vapman Vaporizer sold separately!

Dimensions: Diameter 65mm / Height 112 mm
Weight: 260 gr.
Power: 20V/50W DC
Temperature range: 140°C - 230°C (284°F - 446°F) 


***Currently out of production.  Hoping that will change some day!!!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
vapman station. awesome product...great store

Item arrived promptly. I highly recommend buying from vgoodiez.com

Excellent customer service and great products!

Great product, great store

Love my Vapman Station. It was shipped very quick, took only 3 days! The product they sell have great quality.

A must have!

The Vapman is an amazing vape as is. Add a Vapman Station and it turns it from a flame powered device to a much more controlled heating process. Once you find the temperature you like you can have the same experience every time. Device is very solid and shipping and customer service from VGoodiEZ is always Top Notch!

Fantastic for Vapman users

The Vapman itself is very under appreciated vape but for those who use one, the Station is a great compliment and alternative to a torch lighter. The Station allows for controlled and precise heating each and every time and you can even use the Vapman while it's sitting on the station being heated which produces very large clouds and is something that could not be done with a torch. Device is also very well built and solid. It's quick to heat up and also has an auto shut off feature which can be helpful during those forgetful moments.

I highly recommend this and its hard to say if and when more of these will be produced. Grab them while you can.