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The OHBV by O'Connell Woodworks

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The OHBV, Our full sized water piece adaptable dry herb Vaporizer. Vaporization is activated when a small butane torch is aimed down into the intake tube while drawing air through your water piece, and with the correct combination of heat and air movement, you can easily achieve massive clouds of vapor! With a slightly smaller bowl than original full size version. It was designed for regular or large water pieces with a 14mm female port.

If you have a handheld sized water piece, check out our micro sized version, perfect for the "baby bongs".

We don't sell these here.  We just want to help bring exposure to some of the new guys in the game.  Hopefully we can help them get started and stock them directly some day.  

For now you can purchase this here:

O'Connell Woodworks

**If you'd like to support VGoodiez by etching the VGoodiez logo in your unit, VGoodiez will pay for it.  Just let us know, and thank you! 

**VGoodiez receives no compensation


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