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Tectonic Dynavap Stem by BB Vapes

Regular price $55.00


EDC inspired design

Airflow Control Ring w/ Dual or Single Port

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel, Built to Last

"Flared" Hollow Point 510 Drip Tip w/ Airflow Control 

Spiralized Air Inner Chamber

"Flared" Reduced Diameter Condenser (O-ring free)

Textured Handle / Added Weight

Ultra Thin Cooling "Heat Fin"

13.5mm Indented Airflow Ring to Prevent Rolling off a flat Surface

12mm Diameter Body


x1 Simple Packaging

x1 Etched "Hollow Tip" 510 Drip Tip

x1 Tectonic Stem

x1 Stainless Steel Airflow Ring Set

x1 Electroplated Gunmetal Airflow Ring Set

x1 Spare o-rings

*All parts interchangeable w/ Shell-Shock Stem*

*Fits Dynastash/Dynastash XL Cases depending on length of Drip Tip"

A Canadian Company


Jetpack details:

Take your Shell-Shock/Tectonic Stem to a new Paradigm.  Choose from a long or short mouthpiece extension and/or lengthen your hot end for a cooler temperature experience.  Plus it just looks damn cool!

Material:  Stainless Steel


x1 510 Tip Base

x1 Long Threaded Tip

x1 Short Threaded Tip

x1 "Silencer" Stem Extension  

*Stem in pic not included 

*Compatible with Shell-Shock or Tectonic Stem packages 

*Accessory only- Requires midsection and Dynavap Tip/Cap to function.  


**please note that the design of the tectonic incorporates two airflow ports to fine tune your experience.  Those airports can be closed but are not 100% sealed from fresh air even when fully closed a small amount of air will be introduced.  You can really get it almost completely tight but some have struggled with this.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Built for the herbapocalypse.

Fantastic build quality.
Very airy in it's draw .. even when fully closed down.
A dream to take down and clean.

Wow 🤩

Brain went above and beyond to make sure I was well taken care of. He offers great products and the tectonic stem did not disappoint.

I will definitely be buying again

Take your time.

This stem went from Ok to great. All it took was a little patience with the learning curve. I have everything from OmniVaps to Simrells, so I know how to use a DynaVap. Once you get a feel for the draw strength, air hole setup, etc, it’s a dream. It will punch you in the face without leaving that burn at the back of your throat. Great value and I’m very pleased.

Rocks Hard 💥

Once you set up the airflow the way you want it's off to the races. I use mine all the way close and the draw resistance is negligible.The first time I hit it I didn't think I was getting anything but I got tons of vapor.
This stem is worth every penny great build quality it hits super smooth and the vapor is cool. Using it with concentrate a dynacoil and a water piece it goes into beast mode and you get substantial hits with flower alone with no water piece.
Check it out you won't regret !