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Supreme V6 (SV6) by Supreme Vaporizer

Regular price $240.00

No longer in production but we are working to stock parts! 


This version is digitally controlled.  It requires a flat coil and enail controller to operate.  This package includes the SV6 with the standard Supreme tubes (and added glass adapters for ease of use).  This will allow for convection/conduction mix vaping.  If you want 100% convection you must add the Lotus WPA.  

This also requires an enail and flat coil which is not included but available in other packages.  This is for the Supreme unit and glass bowl adapters only.  

The Supreme is capable of it all.  Small nugs, ground herb, concentrates/stackers.  It is versatile, effective and should be in consideration for the heaviest of he heavies!  


*SV6 Vaporizer Kit 

*Glass Adapters for 14 and 19mm female connections


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Total Beast Of A Vape

Supreme V6 is a absolute amazing desktop vaporizer! It rips like a dream and the flavors are off the charts. VGoodiez customer service always goes above and beyond to give me an exceptional experience every single time.

Absolultey Worth It

I have had a few desktop vapes, even a few 510 herb vapes; all looking for the same control and kick to the face as say an e-nail/dab setup. Then in walks in this little beauty into my life. I was skeptical after first unwrapping the device, the cute little guy looks totally unassuming. I followed the instructions, burnt off any leftovers, then gave it a test rip... it was OK but I wouldn't say it was better than the Extreme Q. So, I sat back and looked at how I installed the coil and noticed a gap, losing heat! So, I adjusted only the plate screws to get a good flat connection to the block and not bowing the plates.. (am I OCD? Probably). Then I took it for the same run, fresh bud, same temps... now, I have seen VGoodiez milky videos with this and I would be happy with a similar result but geeeeeeeeze I was NOT PREPARED! Milky is an understatement and it feels like Ralph Macchio just Crane Kicked me to a happy place.

Is it worth the money? Absolutely.
Is the service good? Absolutely.
am I writing this after getting wrecked with the Supreme SV6? Absolutely.

Jake (JakeTheGrimVaporist)
Amazing desktop vaporizer

Beast of a desktop vape, works great with lotus wpa and flat enail coil, love this thing