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Supreme V6 (SV6) Enail Bundle by Supreme

Regular price $435.00

No longer in production but we are working to stock parts! 


This version is digitally controlled.  It requires a flat coil and enail controller to operate.  This package includes everything you need to vape 100% convection with the Lotus WPA or a conduction/convection mix with the standard Supreme tubes (and added glass adapters for ease of use)

The Supreme is capable of it all.  Small nugs, ground herb, concentrates/stackers.  It is versatile, effective and should be in consideration for the heaviest of he heavies!  


*SV6 Vaporizer Kit 

*Optional Enail 

*Optimal XLR Flat Coil (NewVape or DC Branded)

*Optional Hempwick Wrapped NewVape Enail Handle

*Lotus WPA 

*Heater Stand by Errlectric

*Glass Adapters for 14 and 19mm female connections

*Burnoff and kit setup

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
HEAVY Hitter

First, thank you so much Vgoodiez! I had no experience with something like this and your willingness to answer all of my questions was extremely helpful. Plus, I ordered it on Sunday and it was here on Tuesday. It came quick and completely set up and ready to use.

This thing is a beast. Can clear an entire half gram of material in just a couple of hits. I’ve never used a vaporizer that hits me quite like this and I’ve used some of the most expensive ones.

Packing up the tube and hitting it as hard as you can can best be described as doing a dab with flower. It punches you in the chest so hard that you start to sweat.

I was a bit concerned with longevity, but I can’t see anything breaking on it, and even if it did I could easily replace it despite having no experience with this type of vape.

The only negative I can see is that it’s not the safest device. It’s essentially a scorching hot piece of metal. The good news is if you do end up burning yourself you can just do another hit and you will forget that it happened pretty much immediately lol.

Overall, I’d highly recommend this if you are looking for the heaviest of the heavies.

To be honest, even the austere engineer's aesthetic is beginning to grow on me.

Purchased following research to find the most powerful no-bullshit vaporizer on the market, and from this vendor following excellent pre-purchase interactions with the owner. Shipping from VGoodiEZ was prompt, though delivery was delayed by the whole global pandemic thing.

Everything is smaller than it appears in pictures, the Auber is adorable and well-built with good controls while the Newvape handle and wrap have a wonderful modern aesthetic which match well with the industrial Supreme itself; the Supreme V6, coil, handle, wrap, and cable were pre-assembled by VGoodiEZ with everything tightly fitted. The included instruction manual is a two-sided printed Word document on printer paper, following the theme.

Using the included Lotus WPA, the Supreme V6 can kill a packed bowl of finely ground weed with perfect evenness throughout at any draw speed. Using the standard loading tube, which is an unfinished aluminum tube with a sloppily crimped end and tooling marks which mates to glass using silicone washers, the Supreme V6 can rip through half a gram of unground nugs smashed into the tube, white-walling glass like a dab, and the effects from vaping that much weed in one or two rips at 600F hit like a dab. No other vaporizer, no EVO or Flowerpot, can do this shit.

In the week since receiving the Supreme V6 I haven't touched my EVO, or my Mighty, or my Dynavaps, or my dab rig, or anything else.

With the enail compatibility in the V6, the Supreme finally fully lives up to its name.