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Supreme (SV3.5) by Supreme

Regular price $255.00

No longer in production but we are working to stock parts! 


This American made desktop definitely belongs in the heavy hitter club.  

This is the 4th version of the Supreme, each one improving on the predecessor.  This version is torched controlled with an on board temperature gauge.  You are receiving the heating element and accessories only.  No Torch is included.  Recommend the Blazer Big Shot but any full flame dab torch will do.  Heatup time is between 40-90 seconds depending on the torch power.  

The Supreme is capable of tasty full bodied low temp vapor as well as thick plooms as good as anything out there.  Yeah it may look like a science experiment but if all you care about is delivering the goods then this is for you!  


SV3.5 Heating Element

Herb Chamber Tube

10>14 glass adapter 

14>19 glass adapter

Tube Screen


 *Some accessories pictured are not included


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Supreme Doesn't Mess Around

Heaviest hitter there is, this thing can roast a whole chamber in one massive rip and come out a full even dark brown, just make sure you have your schedule cleared cause it blasts off.
Can't recommend it and the company enough, customer service also doesn't mess around they're super helpful if you have any questions/concerns

Amazing desktop torch powered vaporizer

One of a kind in the way it and the other versions of the supreme can take full bud to dark brown with no grinding. Really like the being able to control the heating with the torch. Does take some technique to learn how to get the hit you want but once it get it down its a breeze