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StemPod OG

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StemPod is an on-demand full-convection herb and concentrate vaporizer attachment for box mods*. Customize your experience by vaping in wattage mode for massive manual hits or in temperature control for easy sharing and precise dosing. Modify vapor density with the dual adjustable airflow vents, from restrictive to wide open or anything in between. Swap the included coils on the rebuildable deck with standard e-cigarette coils for a totally new experience, or craft your own heating elements to make your StemPod completely unique. Package Includes: 1X StemPod 1X Pre-Installed Clapton Coil Set 1X Spare Clapton Coil Set 1X Glass Stem 2X Basket Screen 1X Alan Wrench 1X Wood StashPod 1X Spare O ring *Box mod not included.

Customer Reviews

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Last forever

I'm a big fan of this type of vape and this one will last forever and as all of these it's got amazing flavor. There is a learning curve so watch some YouTube and get schooled a bit. Pure convection vapes have THE best flavor period. The box it comes in is amazing as well lol it's so cool. I used temp mode at first but wattage is the best but it takes a minute to get it down but in the end it's all worth it.

My Go-To Piece!

The Stempod is a hard-hitting, on-demand electric vaporizer that manages to edge out the Dynavap in terms of modularity.

Don't like the feel? Try a different stem. Not getting the extraction you want? Install a new set of coils. Not too comfortable with using a box mod in general? Get the Jetpack attachment to use it as if it were a modular, steel Sticky Brick.

Using the Stempod in wattage mode is essentially like an electric Sticky Brick anyways - this includes the chance of combustion. However, if your mod supports it, TCR can be configured to add temp control to the experience; I recommend this if you're into huge rips or running through water, since it greatly diminishes the possibilty of combusting.

Modpod Labs really knocked it out of the park with this one. I love it.