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Dosing Capsules in Stainless Steel for Crafty/Mighty by VGoodiEZ (CAP7)

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Made of 304 stainless steel, the pods can be filled and swapped quickly.  Five per package, includes storage tube.  Great substitute for the aluminum dosing capsules that are more common for the Crafty/Mighty.  These are stainless and have more mass so you'll likely have to increase temperature whixh could impact battery life snd even vapor production.  They are not the aluminum capsules and they have different airflow so you should expect them to perform different. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great capsules

Nice replacement for the hard to open and easily dented aluminum capsules.

Amazing, went too long without these

After going through dozens of aluminum caps the search is finally over. No more destroyed nails trying to pry open caps. The knurled grip on the screw on lids is a great addition in itself but these little things have so many vent holes it’s amazing. 10/10

David Myers
Keeps your rig CLEAN!

These durable stainless steel dosing pods are guaranteed to keep your rig CLEAN!

Easy to fill. Easy to clean. Preload them all and pop a fresh one in any time you want to start your sesh. (Holds enough for one person.)

I love them!

Scott D.
Great heat retention

These capsules are a fine replacement for the standard S&B capsules, but some users may find the draw strength too restrictive. Personally, I don't mind the resistance, as I find the Mighty works best with very light draw. I enjoy the side perforations and find they provide an even extraction. The heat retention on these are supreme - be careful when ejecting these onto a sensitive surface, like your skin! While the threaded top is nice, it's not needed for performance, and you can pack the capsules full if you don't mind getting some "gunk" in the threads.