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Splinter Z V1 - Standard Bubinga by RBT

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Splinter wraps the HSA heater technology in high end, hand crafted wooden body with a 510 connection.  The versatility of the 510 connection allow it to be used with any 50+ watt mod box.  Today's sophisticated power electronics allow for everything from wattage control to temperature control providing a plethora of power options.  The vast numbers of mods available on the market today provide users with many affordable options to fit most anyone's taste.  The Splinter Z accepts 19mm stems with joints at a depth of 22mm or 19mm. Standard imported version. 


*(1) Splinter Z Module (wood grains may vary from pictures)

*(2) 19x22mm glass stems

*(3) basket screens

*(1) Hemp pouch

******MOD Battery from pictures not included


Warranty terms:

Glass for custom units is repairable.  If its outside of the 30 day no questions asked warranty there may be a charge but it can be done.  Glass for standard units is not repairable.   If it breaks for any reason within thr first 30 days of ownership please contact us at to arrange a warranty replacement.  There are no repairs after that so your only option would be a replacement. Typically vgoodiez helps with a discount to help with the cost.