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Versa V2 by Source Vapes

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The first with Digital Control and a Removable Air-path!! Now Featuring Sesh Time Selection and Haptic Feedback!


Haptic Feedback: Know exactly when your dab is ready as well as when it's done! with a quick vibration to notify you when you are at temp and when your session time is over.

Sesh Time Selection:  When 30 seconds just isn't enough. The new sesh time mode allows you to choose between 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 90 seconds of run time. Adjust your sesh to match your needs!

Titan Atomizer Upgrade:  The Versa now comes stock with our upgraded Titan atomizer. The rugged build of the Titan allows for heavy use without worrying about oil and overspill damaging your heat plates. 

Take your experience to a new level with a rig that has it all. The Source Orb Versa has been designed to meet all of your needs and wants. The built-in 3000MaH battery power provides the Versa with a long lasting charge making it a perfect device for on the go. When you need to charge it, the rapid USB-C charging port will give it the juice it needs to get you back into action. 

As we all have our preferred temperatures, the Versa is the first e-rig to provide full digital control. The screen and up/down buttons will allow you to set the exact temperature that you desire. With the removable ceramic air-path you are sure to EXPERIENCE TRUE TASTE.

The Versa atomizer sports an XL heat plate and fits 15mm bucket inserts. This allows you to load up a decent amount of your favorite material. 

Don't fret about losing any of your material either, as the removable reclaim chamber will catch it all! 

This device combines everything you've been waiting for and it won't disappoint. 


Product specs: 

6.6 inches tall 

75mm glass base

15mm bucket insert 


Standard Kit Includes: 

1x Versa body with black glass

1x Titanium bucket

1x Ceramic bucket

1x Bubble Carb Cap

1x Atomizer

1x USB-C charging cable

1x Travel case

1x Slick container

1x Concentrate tool

2x Extra Heat Plates


Warranty Info

3 year warranty on Versa body

6 month warranty on atomizer 

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Customer service A+

Customer service A+ But the device was terrible I was not satisfied but Vgoodiez did everything they could do to help me out