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SABR Pocket Torch Lighter by Myster

Sale price $19.00 Regular price $29.00

The SABR pocket torch lighter by Myster is a great on-the-go torch with a convenient shovel for flower or powdery concentrates.  The torch lasts for many sessions and heats up quartz surprisingly fast.  

Features & Specs.

  • Quad Outtakes
  • Poker for packing
  • Swivel Shovel
  • On/off knob
  • Fuel Level Window
  • Adjustable Flame Base

Comes empty, must provide your own butane fuel

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tim Osman
Well Worth The Price

The price might discourage some but it's well worth it. Excellent build quality, replaceable flint, large fuel tank, on/off switch and the flame can be adjusted low and still work well. I use it with my dynavaps and OWW micro for indoor / outdoor use.

Barry Black
5 stars so far

Just got this thing to use with my oww micro and outdoor dynavap use, so far its perfect. The flame can be adjusted down pretty low with out sputtering making it quite efficient for a quad flame. Everything is really smooth and feels well made. Replaceable flint is a huge plus. It's pretty big but so is the fuel tank. The bowl scoop is another plus. Well worth after a day's use but time will tell.