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Roasty S Round in Olive Wood by Dreamwood

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The Roasty S is qualified for the special taste of pure conduction heating.
Polished and waxed wood in combination with a specially designed herbal heating tube.
In contrast to the other Dreamwood vaporizer (on-demand) models, the Roasty is first heated with the jet lighter from the side of the glass tube and immediately afterwards inhaled.
The Roasty models are delivered as always at Dreamwood in a well thought out set.
In addition to the vaporizer, you also get a wood care polish, a stainless steel pin for easy emptying, a wooden stick for stuffing, silicone rings and an Atomic jet lighter.

Particularly interesting are the different uses of the Roasty Vaporizer.
As an herbal vaporizer, the actual application is as described and you can also roll in solid extracts and pressed powder in a sieve and place in place of the herbs in the heating tube. It also makes sense to use the Roasty as a "Nectar Collector" for dipping in resins and liquid extracts, as well as "one hitter".

A Vaporizer that will accompany you all your life in the tasting of the finest flowers.


  • Shape: round
  • Glass: 12mm diameter
  • fitting NS 18


Scope of delivery:

  • Woodbody
  • Glass-heattube
  • O-rings
  • Poker
  • Jet-Lighter
  • Woodwax-Woodcare

Discription and usage notes:

The Roasty Vaporizer consists of 2 parts, the glass heating tube and a wooden mouthpiece.

The glass heating tube can be inserted into the wooden mouthpiece and is held in position by a silicone O-ring.

To use, pull out the glass heating tube, insert the O-ring back into the mouthpiece, then insert the glass heating tube by turning and pushing.

Depending on your preference, herbs are poured into the glass heating tube and pressed down against the glass sieve *.

The necessary heat for vaporization is supplied by a jet lighter, the glass heating tube is heated slowly from the outside.

It should be heated only the area where the herbs are!

Heat only 3-5 seconds and then take a few puffs to check if vapor is forming.

If vapor forms, take a few puffs until almost no more vapor comes, then heat again for 2-3 seconds.

The brown color of the herbs indicates whether the ingredients have completely evaporated.

When the ingredients are evaporated, clean the glastube with a wooden or metal stirring stick by pushing the herbs from the back of the glass heating tube or by blowing them out.

Caution! Watch out!

When using, do not touch the glass heating tube and empty and insert only when it has cooled down! Wait at least 1 minute !!!



For complete cleaning, the glass heating tube can be cleaned with alcohol or other solvents such as isopropyl. The wooden mouthpiece can be carefully scraped or wiped with a soaked cloth.

For care and maintanance, we recommend to polish the wooden exterior surfaces regularly with a fine cloth and Dreamwood Woodwax.

* Glass sieve = the three inwardly pressed tips in the glass heating tube.

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