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Quartz Nail Insert by Errlectric

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Errlectric® Quartz Nail Insert

Convert your standard Errlectric® titanium nail to quartz by simply dropping the Errlectric® Quartz Nail Insert into the titanium nail!

This high-quality, low-cost insert requires no extra parts or coils. The insert is fully isolated from the titanium and the titanium nail remains dry and clean when used with the quartz insert. Compatible with the VortexCapTM.

Worked from Momentive® GE214 fused quartz by one of the most respected scientific glass manufacturers in the United States of America.

  • Insert drops into standard Errlectric® nails
  • Quartz dish fully isolated from titanium
  • Compatible with VortexCapTM
  • Pure, high quality U.S. quartz
  • Made in U.S.A.

Instructions (pdf)

Quartz Material Safety Data Sheet (pdf)

Quartz Certificate of Compliance (jpg)