Protégé by Cloud Connoisseur

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Jonathan Nile
A masterpiece

The function on this piece of glass is gorgeous to watch. The smoke/vapor that you get out of it is insanely cool as well. Definitely takes a bit of water to fill her up, but man is it an easy pull.

Built for ballers

Have been using for a while now with several ball vapes. Protege can handle any of them. Glass is nice and thick and when filled with water above the upward firing perc will not be tipped over easily. Surprisingly I still found it comfortable to hold when hitting it. Love the draw and cooling is outstanding. Thanks to Scott for making this great piece available.

Jonathan Moldofsky
Amazing, end game, but.

This thing is heavy, gorgeous, and pulls so easy it’s spooky. The fritter disc is something really special here, and it shreds flower with ease from my b1 and b2 ball vapes.

Concentrate though. I cannot recommend using any concentrates in this, and I’m really bummed about it. I’ve tried my own rosin, dispo waxes and badder and crumble and this gritted little bastard eats every bit of it, I get one weak hit then it’s fully and completely clogged until I clean it with hot water. Hot water will get me halfway there, enough to use the device, but real clean hits require a full iso salt shakedown every day. Every day. Hmm.

If I could return it and get the prophet I would, even though the prophets a dry piece. If the fritted disc was a matrix perc this piece would be devastatingly awesome.

For those who haven’t tried a fritted disc perc before like me, please know what you’re getting is nothing like any other style of perc.

For flower: 9/10
For dabs: 0/10