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Aromatizer One Arm Bandit Edition by Collyland

Regular price $550.00

Handmade from Germany!  This is a vaporizer and water piece all in one.  100% Convection, it RIPS!  

Every vaporizer comes with a matching bowl as a filling aid and an infinitely variable 110V transformer.  

Benefits of Dr. Colly's Aromatizer:


1) optics

  • Fascination at first sight: wonderful effect glazes and unique design. 

 2) acoustics

  • Pleasant bubbling, no roaring blower or balloon rustling.


3) Use and application


  • Excellent vapor development and easy handling with maximum efficiency and complete utilization of the plant material.
  • No throat irritation - the chillum with diffuser ensures gentle cooling, the water filters and frees the steam from remaining fine particles.
  • No plastic - you have never tasted your herb so pure and delicious, just like food, it simply tastes better if no plastic is used.
  • On-demand operation, no waste when not in use, no loss due to deposits in the tube or balloon.
  • Pull lightly and little or strongly and abundantly - everything is equally possible.
  • Suitable for 24/7 continuous operation.


4) sophistication

  • No plastic bags or tubes on the face, the consuming person looks natural and aesthetic.
  • Treat yourself to something special: All vaporizers are handcrafted - how many handcrafted items do you have in your household?


5) sustainability

  • Saves money and resources: no hidden subscription or expensive add-ons (expensive plastic bags or tubes to buy). 
  • The Classic Aromatizer is wear-free, no parts have to be bought!

 Easy to clean with hot water, a bottle brush and any natural cleaning solution.


This unit may require an adult signature and be priced accordingly due to PACT ACT legislation.  Price includes insurance as we have had a few of these break in transit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
It's True!

The hype about the One Armed Bandit is accurate. It really is that good. Which is why, as a medical patient, I bought a second one - I would be hard-pressed to find something else as effective, and I wanted a backup. Enough said about that. As for VGoodiEZ, well, that business appears to be run the way you wish they all were run. I have had maybe ten or twelve transactions with these folks. They are very fast. Accurate. No BS. Fairly priced. Add in that this small shop has managed to assemble one of the best curated selections of truly excellent artisanal equipment available from anywhere in the world, and make it available for sale. I consider myself lucky to have found them. Seriously, why go elsewhere? Go with Scott and VGoodiEZ, and get it right the first time.

Rex Lauffer
Wow!! I really need more time.

But then I don't need it. Just got it today and of course I had to burn it in! After and hour of warmup I tried it. Unbelievable smooth billowy hits. Absolutely no throat irritation. I already ordered another from
Collyl and. It's very classy looking.

Nathan S.
Love my OAB

The OAB is much easier to use for me at least than the original VB. It's so smooth and large tasty cool clouds were easily produced on my first 3 5-6 second draws before removing the bowl to clear it. Very Pure Unadulterated Flavor! So easy to use especially with a shaved cork whip adapter from Lamart :-) Thanks AOV and VGODIEZ! Always Great service and I really love to support this Family Business 100%

If We're Being Honest (The OAB)…

After using 'The Plenty' vaporizer on a daily basis for the last few years, I'm happy yet sad to say there has been a changing of the guard. I received and have been using my OAB (One Armed Bandit) for the last few weeks, multiple times a day, as will you. I really put it through the ringer. If you are low and slow, or you want to be in the clouds with the quickness, you can hit it easy or rip it like nobody's business, the choice is yours with this unit. It's so much fun and easy to use but be careful or not because you can vape through quite a bit of flower before you know it. I tried from fine grinds to whole nugs, low temps to combustion, a screenful to a bowl full of flower, to figure my happy medium. Who knew I had so many happy mediums? It was worth the trip!

The AOB is not only a one-of-a-kind beautiful piece of art it is a Beast!!! I like the fact that there is no carb hole, which frees up your hands. I use it as designed and I also use it with a whip and or with my dab rig (see pics). These options come in handy if you don't want to have to always have to come to the unit. I definitely will not be using this unit as something to pass around. It is as heavy as a tea-pot (3lbs 5ozs with water) and parts are not easily replaced if something is broken (God forbid).

Some things to know: The AOB is really a miniature clay oven so of course the heater will be very hot and some parts of the flower bowl can be warm to the touch when removing it from the heating element. The power adapter gets warm also. Warm enough for me to not want it on a carpeted floor.

Last but not least, a big shout out to Scott and The VGoodiEZ team, they are truly top notch in every way!!!!!!!!