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Aromatizer One Armed Bandit Edition by Collyland

Regular price $475.00

Handmade from Germany!  This is a vaporizer and water piece all in one.  100% Convection, it RIPS!  

Every vaporizer comes with a matching bowl as a filling aid and an infinitely variable 110V transformer. 

Benefits of Dr. Colly's Aromatizer: 


1) optics

  • Fascination at first sight: wonderful effect glazes and unique design. 

 2) acoustics

  • Pleasant bubbling, no roaring blower or balloon rustling.


3) Use and application


  • Excellent vapor development and easy handling with maximum efficiency and complete utilization of the plant material.
  • No throat irritation - the chillum with diffuser ensures gentle cooling, the water filters and frees the steam from remaining fine particles.
  • No plastic - you have never tasted your weed so pure and delicious, just like food, it simply tastes better if no plastic is used.
  • On-demand operation, no waste when not in use, no loss due to deposits in the tube or balloon.
  • Pull lightly and little or strongly and abundantly - everything is equally possible.
  • Hash or weed - you can vaporize both in the VapBong
  • Suitable for 24/7 continuous operation.


4) sophistication

  • No plastic bags or tubes on the face, the consuming person looks natural and aesthetic.
  • Treat yourself to something special: All vaporizers are handcrafted - how many handcrafted items do you have in your household?


5) sustainability

  • Saves money and resources: no hidden subscription or expensive add-ons (expensive plastic bags or tubes to buy). 
  • The VapBongs are wear-free, no parts have to be bought!

Every vaporizer comes with a matching bowl as a filling aid and an infinitely variable 110V transformer with digital display. 

 Easy to clean with hot water, a bottle brush and any natural cleaning solution.


Formally known as the Art of Vapor


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Incredible service, incredible product.

Scott's A+ effort when I made an order and then changed my mind about it to get me exactly what I wanted was fantastic, and the piece itself is a hard hitting dream. Highly recommended.

Gerald Watts
One Arm Bandit (OAB)

The best desktop vape I’ve tried in a really long time. One of a kind, ceramic, convection, and top shelf flavor and clouds. A definite for the connoisseur collector. Plus excellent service for VGEZ as always. Much appreciated!!