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Neo Thermal Extraction Device by Prrl Labs

Regular price $230.00

The Neo is a simple, pure, and innovative combustionless heating technology that delivers a smoke-free experience from any pipe. It is made from an advanced technical ceramic known as zirconia, which is used in medical devices and in luxury jewelry and watches. This material is exceptionally strong and has a refined finish.

Includes: Battery, Thermal Extraction Oven and silicone adapter for chimney to adapt to different bowl sizes.   

18650 Cell NOT included.  Must be purchased separately and unfortunately VGoodiEZ does not stock batteries.  Most local vape shops carry these.  Give them some business!  If you must go online we recommend these batteries and source...…



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great service, sweet product

To put it simply: The Neo rocks, and VGoodiez is best place to buy one.

The Neo is fantastic!

The versatility of the Neo is unmatched. I can use it with any pipe or water piece I own, or in place of butane with my Sticky Bricks. Using the Neo with the Purr glass on a j hook is something everyone should experience. Never fails to get full extraction and great taste, the ritual experience using the Prrl Neo is so amazing I had to order a 2nd as a backup.

Top convection vapor

Loving my Neo! It works well with most of my bowls and pipes with an 18mm female joint, and looks really solid and builded with quality materials. Great vapor quality and good vapor production with free airflow, the Neo is really efficent but not a fast extractor though. There is a lerning curve to get the best out of the device, preheating, wattage and draw rate may change according to the setup, but no rocket science there: just a bit of practice. Definitely a top notch product!

Convection clouds in under 1 minute

After a 30 second preheat, the Neo supplies clean hot air for convection rips from a bowl of your choice. Can achieve big dense hits similar to a butane powered brick vape with the right technique.