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Glass Injector for Ti/DigiTi System by Herborizer

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Replacement glass part for injector Ti / DigiTi

Customer Reviews

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Glass Injector for Ti/DigiTi Extractor

These are not easy to come by in the states. It is best to buy one or two extra glass injector covers for backup. Thanks Vgoodiez for having the hard to find gear and accessories. Customer service is always top notch. 5/5

Kyle - Chary
Only place to buy

Did you accidently break your injector? Do you live in the US? Do you not want to wait on international shipping? Well VGoodiez is the place for you. The only place in the US to get just the glass injector when you decide to do something stupid and break it. Instead of waiting weeks for it to come from France, VGoodiez does fast shipping to get you back to using your herborizer quicker.

Ben Moore
Ti herborizer

The glass injector is perfect,

My new Go To spot

These guys totally kick was. First of stocking vapes from other countries and from niche artist in the community. Got me this part in 2 days. Exact fit. Plan on getting a few others.I dont think anyone in the US currently stocks them. Reached out bout my situation not only got me what I needed and responded in minutes but seriously hooked it up in general. Will definitely be returning. You got a long time customer in me.