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Glass Rod Bowl for Supreme by Glass Charlie

Regular price $22.00

This glass rod replaces the aluminum tube bowl for the Supreme.  It has a pinch in the glass that will act as a screen.   Red Grommets and adapters are sold separately.

The most useful tool to clear the herb onc here:

Made by Glass Charlie out of the United Kingdom!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
nice supreme bowls

great addition to the 3.5
clean glass. good packaging.
cant wait for longer ones, or thinwall quartz.
overall, very pleased with transaction and product.

Great addon for the supreme

You get some amazing flavor with the glass tube and is really made well. The pinch works perfectly. If you have a supreme this is definitely a must have.

Finally glass tubes for the Supreme

I’ve spent hours online trying to track down those medium Vapolution tubes with very little success. No more! Not only are tubes available they have better build quality and much better pinch and really enhance the Supreme experience. As far as I’m concerned they are essential and if you don’t have a couple these you are missing out. Thanks so much Scott for finally hooking the Supreme up with a proper accessory!

Broke Immediately

While this piece seems like it would work beautifully with the supreme. It is longer than the stock tube and it makes positioning the grommets a bit difficult. I can’t comment on the performance because it snapped in half rather easily as I slid it into my supreme for the first time. I might end up buying another one down the line but the fragility and price tag is a real turn off.

Hi Bilal,
I am sorry this happened to you. That said this is 2mm thick german schott glass so you really can't get any stronger. When I ordered them I modeled them after other glass rods I have been using with my Supreme for years. I am happy to discuss some options here as I know this is a bummer but I really don't think there is anything to deserve the two start rating. I will say that you should pay particular attention to the pinch area as that is a weak point. I was careless with adjusting the grommets myself and put pressure on in that area and broke one myself. I will try to remember to give buyers a heads up from now on but holler at us to discuss your situation. Thanks Scott