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G2 Dynastash XL in Maple Burl by Futo (VGoodiez branded)

Regular price $74.99

FutoStash - XL G2 - Double Garage Storage Box for all DynaVap Models - Premium Accessory for DynaVap

G2 FutoStashes are design to store 2 DynaVap vaporizers. Each of the two "garage" compartments are circular in design and fit with a removable spring. They will store any regular or XL sized DynaVap.

DynaVap sold separately.

FutoStash is a premium storage box made to store your DynaVap. Engineered with specific internal dimensions to store any regular or XL sized DynaVap models. The swivel style lid allows access to each garage storage compartment.

The design features 2 genuine DynaMags - a strong rare earth magnet with the correct polarization and strength to hold onto and remove the heated cap of your DynaVap, or to leave it standing at attention.


5" tall
2" wide
0.8" thick